Best Online Therapy Providers 2021

If you are looking for a professional to help you with your mental health and to get your life back on track, Efficient Counselor has reviewed some online counseling platforms for you.

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Our Top Pick for the Month

Even though our team has tried out and reviewed these platforms for you, we would still recommend contacting the platforms you liked the best to get more information as per your concerns.


Licensed and experienced counselors

Affordable prices

HIPAA-compliant platform, all you messages and video calls as encrypted

24/7 support team

Quite a new service, thus frequent system upgrades

Calmerry is an online therapy platform with the best prices on the market and vetted, licensed counselors. This is the best match you’ll ever get. Don’t forget that you also receive a 24/7 support from Calmerry’s team and unlimited texting with your counselor!

Teen Counseling

Wonderful option for teenagers aged 13-19

Therapy sessions can be held by way of an app, by phone, text, and video

HIPAA-compliant platform, all you messages and video calls as encrypted

24/7 support team

No free trial & live chat with the support team on the website

Quite a new service, thus frequent system upgrades

This platform is a great solution for the treatment of psychological and mental problems of teenagers, as it has everything that a professional therapeutic platform needs. By contacting teen counseling you can be sure that professional psychologists will help your child to cope with any problems.

Your Questions Answered

Therapy helps with solving many day-to-day and mental problems in order to become healthier and happier. Today, quality assistance can be received not only offline, but also online - via video calls, phone calls, and texting. This format has many advantages, and it is becoming more and more popular.

Why is online therapy a convenient solution?

In the process of therapy, it is important to feel as comfortable as possible, both physically and emotionally. During online sessions, you do not have to bother about your appearance, because in some states (depression, for example), it is very tiring. Also, you do not have to waste time, effort and money on the way to the counselor’s office. Online communication allows the client to choose their location, which is very important. At home, in the office, while on vacation - therapy is available wherever you are, just don’t forget about good internet connection.

Online therapy concept

What does online therapy mean:

  • availability from anywhere in the world;
  • convenient format of communication between a client and a specialist;
  • saving the client's time and money;
  • security and privacy, just like offline meetings.

Generally, therapy should be as comfortable, convenient and accessible as possible. The client can be anywhere, choose the appropriate format of communication with the specialist they need at the right time. Resources that could have been spent on fees and travel are redirected to therapy and increase its effectiveness. For people with a busy schedule or the inability to travel far, this is a godsend.

Benefits of Online Therapy

In addition to saving the client's time and effort, there are several other important advantages of online therapy. It is known how in some states (depression, anxiety, burnout, and so on) it is not easy to communicate with people face to face about mental and life problems, and even more so at moments of aggravation of the state. In this case, online communication helps a lot to keep the necessary distance, while being in contact with an empathetic and supportive specialist.

A counselor’s office is a comfortable and cozy place where the client feels safe. However, it doesn't compare to the feeling of being at home when you can sit in a comfortable chair and get yourself a cup of your favorite tea. For some people, this is especially important - to stay in a personal "refuge", although they are not in any danger. There is no need to fight the reluctance to go out on a noisy street, use public transportation, or run into random people.

The financial component can be added to these advantages. With online therapy, the savings are not only about eliminating transport costs. Some specialists reduce the cost of consultations a little, because they do not need to pay the rent for the office. Thus, therapy becomes even more accessible to people.

How safe and confidential is online therapy?

For some people, at first, it is unusual to communicate online, so it is a little harder to trust a new person, rather than during in-person counseling. This is normal and usually passes quickly, because on the other side of the screen is a specialist motivated to help their client. The feeling of security and trust will grow with each session, and soon the difference between online and offline therapy may become minimal or disappear altogether.

It may be difficult and unusual for someone to share personal experiences and problems through video communication or a video call. However, for some people, this format just helps to open up faster, a person feels less embarrassed. Even during the first session of online therapy all fears and worries can disappear.

In terms of confidentiality, a therapist is a professional who adheres to a professional and ethical code. It is in their interest to maintain the confidentiality of all conversations with clients, as well as their personal information. There will be no difference with live communication, you can always feel safe.

So, online therapy is convenient, comfortable and profitable in terms of time and money. You can communicate with a therapist, being in a comfortable environment for yourself, without wasting resources on the way to the specialist's office. In addition, you can keep the distance you need in communication, while receiving full-fledged professional help. The level of security and confidentiality is as high as in offline therapy. This is a very effective and comfortable format of therapy, as more and more people are convinced every day.